2500 Harvest Lane
Washington, Utah 84780
T: 435.652.4760
F: 435.652.4765


Marylynn Goudy | Mild/Moderate Special Education Teacher

   My Email: marylynn.goudy@washk12.org

   Phone: 435-652-4760

Christine Lin | Severe Special Education Teacher

   My Email: christine.lin@washk12.org

   Phone: 435-652-4760

Kimala Bosh | Reading Intervention/Specialist Teacher

   My Email: kimala.bosh@washk12.org

   Phone: 435-652-4760

Nancy McAllister | Librarian

   My Email: nancy.mcallister@washk12.org

   Phone: 435-652-4760

Kris Schwiermann | Head Custodian

   My Email: kris.schwiermann@washk12.org

   Phone: 435-652-4760


 David Stender | Physical Education Teacher

   My Email: david.stender@washk12.org

   Phone: 435-652-4760



Myra Sears | Technology Teacher

   My Email: myra.sears@washk12.org

   Phone: 435-652-4760


Erin Finlinson | Music Teacher

   My Email: erin.finlinson@washk12.org

   Phone: 435-652-4760



Our Mission

At Riverside Elementary we are a community who believes in learning for a lifetime, leading by example, and loving ourselves and others.