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February 10: PLC

Early Dismissal at 12:45

February 10-14th

Soles 4 Soles Drive

February 17th

NO School President's Day

February 21st

8:00 Dad's and Donut's

1st Day of the Book Fair 8:15-9:00

February 24-27th

BOGO Book Fair 8:30-9:00


February 24-27th SEP's

Early Dismissal at 1:15!





Principal Message



Our Goal:  2014 Pairs

YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!  YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!  Riverside Elementary, led by our    amazing Student Council, is getting on board to help the shoeless.  Individuals can help by        donating some of the 700 MILLION pairs of shoes thrown away by Americans each year.           Donations will be accepted from February 10 to February 14 at Riverside Elementary, 2500 S. Harvest Lane, Washington, Utah.

The Riverside Elementary Student Council has adopted the slogan of “CHANGING THE WORLD, ONE PAIR AT A TIME” and has set the goal of collecting 2014 pairs of shoes.  WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Start now to find gently used shoes.  Clean them up, tie the laces together and get them ready to donate.   We can do this thing!

Soles4Souls has distributed more than 19 million pairs of shoes around the world with the help of partners like Riverside Elementary.  With 1 in every 4 adults in the world living in extreme poverty, basic necessities like shoes are simply unavailable.  In developing nations like Haiti, Honduras, and Tanzania, walking is the main form of transportation, and shoes can protect a   person’s feet from cuts and infections.  Also, children in other parts of the world cannot attend school without a pair of shoes.  If you would like to learn more about Soles4Souls we invite you to visit their website at www.giveshoes.org.   

Those of you on Facebook or Instagram can also help by sharing the following music video with your friends  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UVLdldSKTc.  Each time this video is        downloaded, one pair of shoes will be donated to the cause.

Riverside has always been generous in the past now let’s do it again.  Let’s empty out those     closets and start changing the world!

Thank You,

Mr. Staheli and the Riverside Student Council




Just a few reminders.....

Also any pictures of school events like field trips, Class Parties, Staheli Farm Night or other school activities can be emailed to riversideyearbookpics@gmail.com.



Remember to keep saving your Box Tops, soda lids, and your Labels for Education!!!

A BIG THANKS for all of you for helping with our Food Drive.  We were able to collect 5075 cans to give to families here in our own Washington County School District. Your help and support really matters.

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