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Washington, Utah 84780
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 Erika Romero | Third Grade Teacher

   My Email: erika.romero@washk12.org

   Phone: 435-652-4760







   Jourdyn Pitcher | Third Grade Teacher

   My Email: jourdyn.pitcher@washk12.org

   My Website: https://sites.google.com/a/washk12.org/mrs-pitcher-s-paradise/

   Phone: 435-652-4760





 Shani Saville | Third Grade Teacher

   My Email: shani.saville@washk12.org

   My Website: https://sites.google.com/a/washk12.org/mrs-saville/home

   Phone: 435-652-4760





   Craig Rasmussen| Third Grade Teacher

   My Email: craig.rasmussen@washk12.org

   Phone: 435-652-4760






  Heidi Miller | Third Grade Teacher

   My Email: heidi.miller@washk12.org

      Phone: 435-652-4760






Sariah Harris | Third Grade Teacher

My Email: sariah.harris@washk12.org

 Phone: 435-652-4760



Our Mission

At Riverside Elementary we are a community who believes in learning for a lifetime, leading by example, and loving ourselves and others.