2500 Harvest Lane
Washington, Utah 84780
T: 435.652.4760
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Melissa Sorenson | First Grade Teacher

    My Email:melissa.sorenson@washk12.org

   Phone: 435-652-4760  



Holly Gott 1st Grade Teacher

Holly Gott | First Grade Teacher

My Email: holly.gott@washk12.org

Phone: 435-652-4760



Kayla Holman 1st Grade TeacherKayla Holman| First Grade Teacher

My Email: kayla.holman@washk12.org   

Phone: 435-652-4760



Megan Tucker | First Grade Teacher

   My Email: megan.tucker@washk12.org

   Phone: 435-652-4760


Sandee Woodland| First Grade Teacher

 My Email: sandee.woodland@washk12.org

 Phone: 435-652-4760



Samantha Smith 1st Grade TeacherSamantha Smith| First Grade Teacher

My Email: samantha.smith@washk12.org    Phone: 435-652-4760





Our Mission

At Riverside Elementary we are a community who believes in learning for a lifetime, leading by example, and loving ourselves and others.