Schedules & Minutes

Meetings are held in the PLC Room at Riverside Elementary. Virtual attendance is also available upon request.

Please email Jade Bluemel ( to attend virtually. 

**All meetings are open to the public & greater school community. Riverside Community Council is actively accepting new members. Please contact Mr. Staheli and/or Brittany Macdonald to join. 

Council Responsibilities

  • Develop a School Improvement Plan
  • Develop a School LAND Trust Plan
  • Develop a Child Access Routing Plan
  • Advise the school administration on local school issues
  • Provide an opportunity for issues of concern in the community to be presented to the school administration
  • Develop a Reading Achievement Plan

Council Members

  • Chair –
  • Vice-Chair –


    • Steven Leavenworth
    • Jade Bluemel
    • Nancy Shirts
    • Elissa Liddle
      • Cianne Wallin
      • Emily Phillips

    Elections for the Community Council take place each year in August. This is one of the many ways that we encourage our school community to become involved in the education process.

    Riverside Trustlands Funding Summary

    2018-19 2019-20 2020-21  2021-22 Average
    $78,400 $88,500 $99,314  $76,390 $85,651

    Final Report Summary 2020-21

    During the 2020-21 school year, we received approximately $105,090 from School Trust Lands. Our Community Council met to set the following funding priorities to support three main goals. The first goal, having 90% of students at Riverside Elementary read on grade level by the end of the year, was supported by allocating $42,500 to hiring teacher aides, hiring SEE students from Dixie State University, hiring aides and support in our LLI room, and providing space for literacy interventions. 

    Our second goal, providing updated technology for classrooms, was covered by allocating $35,000 to new classroom projectors, sound systems, teacher computers, and Chromebooks. This goal also helped teachers reach the first goal by providing the technology upgrades to better facilitate our reading interventions. 

    Goal three, using Leader in Me Leadership Data notebooks, 90% of students will track and meet their grade level GVCs. This goal was allocated $7,000 to help purchase our yearly Leader in Me school license. 

    Goal four, 705 of students in grades 1-5 will receive opportunities to participate in learning extension activities to encourage hands-on engagement. $4,000 was allocated to this goal which funded our Lego League team, field trips, and supplies for in-school extensions. 

    If you have any questions about our Community Council and how funds are appropriated and used for Riverside Elementary, please contact any of the members on the Community Council. As always, any parent is invited, and encouraged, to be a part of the Community Council meetings.

    Digital Citizenship:

    Riverside Elementary Digital RTI Plan


    Our School Community Council is primarily responsible for the creation of our School LAND Trust Plan. This plan is created annually by analyzing our school testing data to determine the greatest academic need. The money our school receives from the School LAND Trust fund is allocated according to our plan. Over the years our school has purchased technology to support student learning, books for our leveled library, math manipulatives, science materials, and we’ve been able to hire additional personnel to support targeted learning in small groups. Our school is grateful for the School LAND Trust program and the opportunity we have as a school to allocate the funds to support our targeted and specific needs. The Council assists with school improvement, and make decisions on how to best spend the Trust LANDS funding. More information regarding the work of the Council and the current plan can be found by visiting the School LAND Trust Website:


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