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Community Council


Each school elects a school community council consisting of parents, teachers and the principal. LAND stands for Learning And Nurturing Development.  Your council or committee prepares a plan that identifies the school’s greatest academic need(s). The plans are approved by local school boards for implementation the following school year. Your council or committee receives an annual dividend from the permanent State School Fund every July to implement your school’s approved plan during the next school year.


Riverside Elementary Community Council Meetings


All meetings held in the school library

Wednesday, September 6th @ 8:10 am

Wednesday, October 4th @ 8:10 am

Wednesday November 1st @ 8:10 am

Wednesday, December 6th @ 8:10 am

Wednesday, January 10th @ 8:10 am

Wednesday, February 7th @ 8:10 am

Wednesday, March 7th @ 8:10 am

Wednesday March 28th @ 8:10 am (to vote on 2018-2019 Budget)

Wednesday, May 2nd @8:10 am (to vote on new members)




Changes to

Permanent School

Fund Distribution





Sen. Ann Millner and Rep. Mel

Brown have proposed an amendment

to the state constitution

that, if passed by the Legislature

and approved by voters, would

increase and stabilize the distribution

from the permanent

State School Fund through the

School LAND Trust program. The

goal of the amendment is to

ensure that the distribution from

the School LAND Trust program

reflects the needs of current

beneficiaries while continuing to

grow the fund balance for future

beneficiaries. Most educational

endowment funds distribute

between 4 percent and 5 percent

annually, which is considered a

fair amount to both grow the

fund and provide an appropriate

distribution to beneficiaries. The

historic distribution from the permanent

State School Fund has

been closer to 2 percent. That

has provided for rapid growth

but may be unfair to current



The trust principle of intergenerational

equity states that a trustee

cannot benefit future beneficiaries

(by rapidly growing the

fund) at the expense of current

beneficiaries (by only distributing

a small portion of the growth), or

vice versa. Treatment of current

and future beneficiaries must

be balanced. This amendment

will both increase and stabilize

the distribution. The School and

Institutional Trust Fund Director

and Board of Trustees have

designed a formula that will be in

statute to allow for any needed

adjustment. This formula considers

both enrollment growth

and inflation, and it includes a

rolling three-year average of

fund growth to ensure the

distribution isn’t tied too closely

to market trends.

We have a responsibility to make

sure we are providing a fair distribution

for today’s students, and

that we will be able to continue

to provide a fair distribution to

the children that will benefit

from the trust in the future.

Unanimously endorsed by:

The Utah State Board of Education

TheSITLA Board of Trustees

The SITFO Board of Trustees

2013 School Trust Investment Task Force





Our Mission

At Riverside Elementary we are a community who believes in learning for a lifetime, leading by example, and loving ourselves and others.